Any potential child sexual abuse case matter needs to be dealt with extreme care, sensitivity and professionalism. It is imperative that the minor is assessed and evaluated the child in a “safe place” and by a qualified specialist who has extensive training in this field.

Sexual Abuse Assessment


Child sexual abuse evaluation and assessments are focused on determining whether sexual abuse has occurred, if possible by whom and the nature and extent of the abuse. The evaluation and assessment also attempts ascertaining whether the minor requires protection, a medical examination and/or any other intervention/s necessary for the minor’s protection or wellbeing.

The report that is prepared in these assessments is generally requested by a professional in the legal field or by the courts and the may be used as a supporting document in a subsequent criminal matter. The necessary recommendations in the report may also assist the court in their determination of the matter.

Matters pertaining to the evaluation and assessment of sexual abuse are always done in the best interest of the child . This principle is the governing principle of the Children’s Act 38 of 2005 and the Sexual Offences and Related Matters Act 2007.

An evaluation and assessment  usually includes the following:

  • The psychological evaluation of the minor
  • Evaluation and assessment for sexual abuse of the minor
  • Interview and evaluation of   father and mother/ guardian
  • Interview with other important figures in the life of the minor  (may include grandparents, schoolteachers and other medical professionals etc)
  • Gathering of relevant collateral information
  • Perusal of relevant documents
  • Perusal of relevant legislation
  • Compilation of a psycho legal report for the purpose of reporting the matter in a case where sexual abuse is disclosed or ( a report on recommendations  for the minor if necessary where no sexual abuse was disclosed)
  • If required,  I am available to appear as an expert witness in Court
  • Assisting with the necessary reporting and completion of forms in cases where sexual abuse is disclosed.

Fees and charges:

Please note, that as a psychologist my fees are based on the work conducted and my report being prepared and issued. It is  not done on a “success” basis or the uncovering of a crime/identifying the perpetrator. My fees are charged to conduct the evaluation and produce a report based on my findings regardless of the result.