Psychology, unlike chemistry, unlike algebra, unlike literature, is an owner's manual for your own mind. It's a guide to life. What could be more important than grounding young people in the scientific information that they need to live happy, healthy, productive lives? To have good relationships? - Daniel Goldstein



Bianca Hansen-Hamburger is a registered Counselling Psychologist based in Saxonwold, Houghton, Johannesburg. She runs a general practice and sees children, teenagers, young adults and adults for individual psychotherapy.

Bianca has a special interest in child sexual abuse. She attends to sexual abuse cases therapeutically by providing psychotherapy to both victims and their families. She carries out sexual abuse assessments as well as more formal forensic work as required. She has previously worked at The Teddy Bear Clinic. She completed her thesis on Child Sexual Abuse: Typologies of Child Sexual Abuse in Gauteng.

Bianca also provides Psycho Legal (forensic) assessments and reports in criminal matters and family matters .