The financial management of my practice is guided by best practice standards for independent psychology practitioners. This includes striving to ensure that clients and patients have access to psychological and psycho legal (forensic) services in a financially fair and equitable manner. 



Included below is information regarding my practice fees (fees are quoted in accordance with the National Health Reference price list, as well as most Medical Aid schemes), billing arrangements and medical aid coverage.

Fees for 2021

Individual Psychotherapy R 1030 (55 minutes)

Psycho Legal (Forensic) matters please email directly for a quote.

Sexual Abuse Assessment please email directly for a quote.


You are responsible for arriving at your session on time and at the time we have scheduled. If you are late for an appointment, it will still end at the normal time and will not run over. 

Cancelled/No Show Appointments

24 hours notice is required for cancellation of appointments, otherwise the full session fee will be charged, and the same is applicable to “no-show” appointments. 

This is in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act No. 68 of 2008, which allows for a reasonable fee to be charged by a supplier or service provider for no-show or late cancellation of sessions. This is consistent with good business practices around the world. 

Psychology practices are not run on a waiting-room system, and as such when clients do not honour appointments made, there is almost no possibility that the time can be re-booked for that day, and the practitioner will be unable to cover operating costs. Additionally, as there is a high demand for services, your time is reserved exclusively for you and therefore is not available to others. If you are unable to keep your appointment, I will do my best to re-schedule the appointment. However, if you continually cancel appointments we will have to reconsider our agreement and discuss the issues involved.


This is a cash based practice and all invoices are to be settled immediately post each session. Your invoice will be emailed to you and you may submit this to your medical aid.